1. In order to make things convenient for the people, the department is planning to set up some ______ shops in the residential area.
A) flowing          B) drifting        C) mobile                  D) unstable


2. Mr. Smith says: "The media are very good at sensing a mood and then ______ it."
A) overtaking         B) enlarging       C) widening                 D) exaggerating


3. This is not an economical way to get more water; ______, it is very expensive.
A) on the other hand    B) on the contrary   C) in short                  D) or else


4. It was the first time that such a ______had to be taken at a British nuclear power station.
A) presentation        B) precaution       C) preparation              D) prediction


5. ______ that he wasn't happy with the arrangements, I tried to book a different hotel.
A) Perceiving         B) Penetrating       C) Puzzling                 D) Preserving


6. The board of the company has decided to ______ its operations to include all aspects of the clothing business.
A) multiply           B) lengthen         C) expand                   D) stretch


7. His business was very successful, but it was at the ______ of his family life.
A) consumption        B) credit          C) exhaustion                D) expense


8. First published in 1927, the charts remain an ______ source for researchers.
A) identical           B) indispensable     C) intelligent                 D) inevitable


9. Joe is not good at sports, but when it ______mathematics, he is the best in the class.
A) comes to           B) comes up to      C) comes on to           D) comes around to


10. Doctors warned against chewing tobacco as a ______ for smoking.
A) relief             B) revival           C) substitute                 D) succession


11. When carbon is added to iron in proper ______the result is steel.
A) rates             B) thicknesses        C) proportions                D) densities


12. You should try to ______ your ambition and be more realistic.
A) reserve           B) restrain           C) retain                     D) replace


13. Nancy is only a sort of ______ of her husband's opinion and has no ideas of her own.
A) sample           B) reproduction       C) shadow                   D) echo


14. Now that spring is here, you can ______ these fur coats till you need them again next winter.
A) put over          B) put away          C) put off                    D) put down


15. There is a _____ of impatience in the tone of his voice.
A) hint             B) notion           C) dot                       D) phrase


16. Please ______dictionaries when you are not sure of word spelling or meaning.
A) seek             B) inquire            C) search                   D) consult


17. At yesterday's party, Elizabeth's boyfriend amused us by ______ Charlie Chaplin.
A) copying          B) following          C) imitating                  D) modeling


18. She keeps a supply of candles in the house in case of power ______.
A) failure           B) lack               C) absence                   D) drop


19. The group of technicians are engaged in a study which ______ all aspects of urban planning.
A) inserts           B) grips               C) performs                D) embraces


20. The lecture which lasted about three hours was so ______ that the audience couldn't help yawning.
A) tedious           B) bored              C) clumsy          D) tired